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Augmented Reality is Changing Marketing and Sales

Supercharging Sales through Digital Innovation

New Opportunities for Marketing and Sales

Organizations must improve how they market and sell products to their buyers. They must make the process easier, ensuring prospective customers are able to understand how products operate or can be applied to their specific set of requirements. In the face of this challenge, the buying experience has become the new focal point for organizations looking to market and sell more effectively and thus perform better.

However, the most direct path to this goal, the digitalization of product marketing, has not been traveled much over the past decade. There have been advances in marketing through the incorporation of graphical content such as images or videos of products, but these do not enable a full appreciation of what the products are or how they operate. Much marketing today also does not take full advantage of new ways that technology enables buyers to better understand products. As a result, all too often organizations do not make it as easy as they might for customers to fully understand the actual products.


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