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Data Drives Business

Data Integration Considerations for ISVs and Data Providers

Real-Time Data Drives Business Today

Data is an extremely valuable asset to almost every organization, and it informs nearly every decision an organization makes. It can be used to make better decisions at almost every level of an organization—and to make them more quickly. So, it is no surprise that nearly all participants in our research (91%) report that they have been able to use data to improve their activities and processes. Today, data is collected in more ways and from more devices than ever before. It can enable new methods of doing business and can even create new sources of revenue. In fact, the data itself can be a new source of revenue.

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and data providers understand this and they are designing products and services to help organizations step in and harness all this data-generated business energy. To maximize the opportunities, ISVs and data providers need to recognize that organizations use various types of data, including data from both internal and external sources. In fact, our research shows that the majority of organizations (56%) are working with 11 or more sources of data.


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