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Insights on Contact Center Agent Productivity:

Making Better Use of Agents’ Time

Contact Center Pressures

Benchmark research carried out by Ventana Research shows that contact center executives and managers are under pressure to provide the best possible customer service while staying within tight operational budgets. At the same time centers must handle increased volumes of inbound calls and respond to other types of interactions such as email messages and chat sessions. To demonstrate success, managers must improve the key performance metrics on which they are assessed, especially customer satisfaction scores and agent utilization rates.

This increased pressure falls on agents as well, and our benchmark poll on agent productivity shows that more than four-fifths (81 percent) of companies recognize they must improve the performance of agents. It also makes clear that there is dissatisfaction with many aspects of contact centers. Only 70 percent are satisfied or very satisfied with how well agents conform with regulations, and the numbers decline from there: 63 percent are satisfied or very satisfied with customer satis-faction scores, 61 percent with agent turnover rates, 46 percent with first-contact-resolution rates, 43 percent with agent utilization rates and 41 percent with the way agents spend their idle time.


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