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Data Preparation: An Enterprise Imperative -

A Modern Approach to Data and Analytics

An Essential Step in Using Data

Data is fuel for today’s businesses, which cannot run without it. Like other types of fuel, it must be processed and made ready to use. Many users, however, are unfamiliar with data preparation techniques and what it takes to meet their requirements for data they can use.

Data is stored in many applications and systems in different forms and in its native form often is not ready for use in business activities. Analytics, an increasingly critical aspect of today’s information usage, is one of these. Manual approaches require too much time to get data ready for use in analytics. According to our benchmark research on information optimization, analysts spend nearly half of their time in preparing data for analysis or reviewing its quality and consistency. Such time-consuming methods prevent analysts from focusing on analysis and providing guidance to decision-makers.

For the critical process of preparation to run smoothly, users need to understand why it is important and how it works. Educating them should begin with a clear explanation of the need for it and its potential in making business data useful.


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