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The Dawn of Mobile Intelligence

Mobile Technologies and Business IntelligenceCombine to Create Opportunity

Moving beyond Historical Data

The pace of technology for mobility has been growing exponentially in recent years. Hundreds of millions of devices are being used across the world and are in the hands of nearly every business professional. These converged devices not only send and receive calls, email and instant messages but also run applications that access remote servers. Riding the phenomenal popularity of the Apple iPhone, Google’s Android platform and other smartphones, they are increasingly likely to be found in the pockets and purses of business employees. As a result, these mobile devices and their supporting technologies are changing how business works, in some cases so rapidly that business executives are in danger of being left in the dust.

A glance around a business break-room or corporate cafeteria shows how business mobility has changed since the days when corporate-approved RIM BlackBerry and Nokia devices were the only options. Not only have the smartphones, which are in essence powerful computers, changed — so have the users of these devices. A new generation of workers in their 20s and 30s brings into the workplace the expectation that they will have ready access to information when they want or need it and wherever they are.


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