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Digital Innovation for the Intelligent Enterprise:

Digital Investments in Analytics Transform Business

Prioritizing Digital Innovation in Business

The pace of business today requires organizations to constantly examine how to make their people and processes more effective. One proven approach to improving business performance is to harness the insights and intelligence that analytics can provide to continuously assess, identify and address new opportunities and resolve issues and potential barriers. This is the essence of a foundation of digital innovation in business.

To respond effectively to changing market conditions, competitive pressures and newer business models and to meet customer expectations, business needs to be able to detect and act on changes rapidly. Doing so, as well as improving business processes, clearly requires modern analytics. New technologies enable quick, effective analysis, and digital transformation enables automation and innovations in analytics that can personalize actionable information for specific roles and responsibilities. Adapting the use of analytics to individual needs across the entire enterprise requires a thoughtful approach, one where business sets priorities so IT can help it realize full benefit from the portfolio of data and applications that are available today and those that will be available in the future.

But having this ability to harness the full power of digital transformation means investing in technology that will make it possible to determine the best path forward – to understand the organization’s potential and what preparation and readiness steps will be required for it to advance and compete better. Just the exercise of digital transformation alone is insufficient; investments in new digital innovations will garner the largest return for business.



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