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Analytic Discovery Unlocks Information for Business:

Understanding and Using Exploratory Tools

Understanding Analytic Discovery

Analytic discovery technology enables exploratory analysis that spans multiple data sets of various sizes and structures. It is similar to data science in that both use computer science and statistical techniques to reveal hidden patterns in data. But analytic discovery differs from data science in enabling nonspecialists to explore data and gain insights that otherwise would not be available to them.

Accessibility for less technical users is the primary reason for the widespread use of analytic discovery tools; indeed, our benchmark research finds this to be a key buying requirement today. In our research on next-generation business intelligence sys-tems, a category that encompasses analytic discovery tools, the software evaluation criterion that most participants (63%) said is important is usability.

Ventana Research divides analytic discovery into four categories of activities. These activities are somewhat sequential, following the standard analytic process of accessing, integrating, understanding and modeling data, though the activities can be done simul-taneously.


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