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Beyond Keeping the Lights On:

Building the Foundation for Broad Use of Analytics

Doing the Most with the IT Budget

CIOs and senior IT leaders such as directors of global applications and enterprise architects constantly face the challenge of reducing technology costs while continuing to deliver at least as much value to the business. The IT organization must always be seeking opportunities to automate the infrastructure and processes used throughout the enterprise to improve efficiency. At the same time, IT must continually enhance the application environment to modernize business processes and put more useful tools and information in the hands of those who produce business results. In other words, to ensure that CIOs and IT leaders are serving the business’s needs and satisfying its demands – and, not incidentally, maintaining their reputations – they must always be searching for ways to be not just more efficient but more effective.

According to our recent benchmark research on IT Performance Management, most IT organizations (57%) find financial constraints are the most important factor influencing how well IT manages operations and resources. This situation requires IT to use its budget wisely, of course, but business conditions also force IT to constantly seek ways to minimize expenditures while delivering at least the same business value, and ideally more, from the IT infrastructure.


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