Use predictive planning to improve outcomes across business processes

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Ventana Research uses the term predictive planning to describe an agile, high-participation process that builds on innovative technology to achieve business objectives. Predictive planning uses a shared computing environment to enable cross-functional collaboration and rapid planning cycles. It takes advantage of technologies such as in-memory computing to make interactive planning and budgeting feasible and advanced analytics to provide deeper insights into results and more accurate forecasts.

Senior Vice President and Research Director Rob Kugel, the long-time leader of Ventana Research’s Office of Finance expertise area, has focused for decades on the intersection of information technology and the finance organization. In this webcast, Rob will detail the fundamental objectives of predictive planning, key findings from our business planning research that highlight the benefits of predictive planning, and how technology plays a crucial role in improving the business value of planning and budgeting. Rob assert that in 2021, it will still be the case that only a minority of companies will have an effective planning and budget process. Will you?

In this insightful webinar, Rob will focus on:

  • The importance of increasing the business value of planning and budgeting.
  • Addressing the obstacles that prevent organizations from improving their planning, budgeting and forecasting processes.
  • How using the right technology supports predictive planning.
  • Best practices to adopting predictive planning.
  • Next steps to make planning more predictive and valuable to business.

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About the Speaker

Rob_2016_Circle_Zoomed.pngRobert Kugel

SVP & Research Director of CFO and Business Research
Ventana Research

Rob heads up the CFO and business research focusing on the intersection of information technology with the finance organization and business. His research agenda includes the application of IT to finance and business process optimization – particularly continuous accounting and continuous planning; control systems and analytics; and price and revenue optimization. Prior to joining Ventana Research he was an equity research analyst at several firms including First Albany Corporation, Morgan Stanley, and Drexel Burnham, and a consultant with McKinsey and Company. Rob was an Institutional Investor All-American Team member and on the Wall Street Journal All-Star list. Rob has experience in aerospace and defense, banking, manufacturing and retail and consumer services. Rob earned his BA in Economics/Finance at Hampshire College, an MBA in Finance/Accounting at Columbia University, and is a CFA charter holder.