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HR departments are like the proverbial kid in a candy store when it comes to selecting AI and bots “goodies” to lobby for and ultimately deploy. In the digital era, capabilities not even on the radar as recently as a couple years ago are getting increasing air time in HR staff meetings, including themes such as personalizing the employee experience based on machine learning. And in those same meetings, AI and bots are actually being discussed as perhaps the answer to the age-old question of how to invert the HR time allocation pyramid, allowing more time to be spent on strategic rather than tactical and transactional activities.

But cutting edge can also be bleeding edge. While such R&D investment themes may be a hot topic, there is still an awareness that both product capabilities and maturity and customer readiness need to be aligned, that choosing the most practical and impactful AI use cases is critical, and that these technologies still blend together for many.

Vice President Steve Goldberg, Ventana Research’s HCM practice leader, has been monitoring, covering and providing insights into these emerging capabilities, including leading roundtables of HR executives sharing early experiences. In this informative free webinar, Steve addresses the following topics:

  • What exactly the new digital technologies are and the opportunities they represent
  • What early-adopter HR practitioners are reporting and learning about AI and bots
  • How “smart bots” are changing customer and vendor strategies
  • What the current state of the vendor landscape is in these new digital technology areas 
  • What change management considerations are key for those considering undertaking this journey

So watch the on-demand replay now!

About the Speaker

Steve_G_2017_Circle.pngSteven Goldberg

VP & Research Director of Human Capital Management Research
Ventana Research

Steve is responsible for the Human Capital Management (HCM) research and advisory services practice. Steve's uniquely diverse HCM experience spans over 30 years, including HR process and HCM systems practitioner leadership roles, heading up product strategy for one of the most respected HCM application vendors, and operating his own global advisory practice. Prior to joining Ventana Research, Steve worked as a corporate VP in HR at UBS/Swiss Bank Corporation and Huizenga Holdings, product strategy leader at PeopleSoft and Unicru, and was also VP and Research Director at Bersin & Associates. Over 35,000 HR professionals and business executives have been informed by one of Steve's presentations on HCM, or have read his published work. Steve holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from University of Buffalo School of Management and a BBA in Industrial Psychology from The City University of New York.