Predictive analytics is quickly moving out of the shadows into the organizational spotlight. Ventana Research finds that (37%) of companies say that predictive analytics capabilities are very important, yet only(13%) of companies use specific tools to implement predictive analytics. Spreadsheets are often used, but in today’s big data environment this approach has multiple challenges such as data access, referential integrity and scalability. These numbers translate to opportunity for companies that can exploit the power of today’s modern predictive analytic tools. Is your company one of them?

Listen as Tony Cosentino, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research and Murali Prakash, Product Marketing Manager at IBM explore in-depth insights into how predictive analytics can improve your business. Best practices for leveraging predictive analytics will be discussed in the areas of information, people, process and technology.
The webinar provides insights to understand:

  • The changing landscape of predictive analytics
  • Why spreadsheets cannot meet new business demands
  • How predictive analytics can be used effectively
  • How a dedicated approach to predictive analytics can increase success.