Best Practices to Reduce Risk & Vulnerability in IT

It's rare if a month goes by, and there isn't a cybersecurity breach. It's so common now, that it almost doesn't surprise us anymore. But the real kicker is that even though millions of dollars are being invested into better cybersecurity tools and protections, continued use of obsolete, unsupported and unauthorized IT assets bypasses all those investments.

Join Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, and John Pusey, Solutions Architect at BDNA, as they detail ways to avoid having your cybersecurity threatened by these rogue IT assets and the security of your company's and customers' personal data

Key webinar takeaways include:

  • Identifying Cyber Risks with IT Assets
  • Utilizing IT Asset Management for Cybersecurity
  • Leveraging Cyber Risk to Prioritize Upgrades or Replacements