About the Benchmark

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a pillar of nearly every company’s record-keeping and management of business processes. It is essential to the smooth functioning of a business’s accounting and finance functions. In manufacturing and distribution, ERP also can manage inventory and logistics. Some companies use it to handle human resources functions like tracking employees, payroll and related costs.

This benchmark research provides a detailed picture of the current state and future direction of the use of ERP in organizations. The research assessed the degree to which organizations are satisfied with their current ERP systems and identified areas where improvements or enhancements would be valuable. It investigated the issues with which ERP users must contend, such as difficulties in modifying or upgrading the systems or integrating it with other software, the ease with which nonfinancial information from the company’s ERP system can be used for analysis or support business processes outside the scope of the ERP system and if there is a desire to simplify use of and interaction with the ERP system.