Sales planning has been a game of guesswork with spreadsheets. Sales ops leaders often make their sales quota and capacity planning choices on gut instincts and historical data. But, that approach needs to change today. 

This is an era where AI and ML are used to solve business problems. There is an opportunity in sales planning to apply AI/ML to drive true quota and capacity to win. 

Download the presentation featuring Mark Smith, CEO of Ventana Research, to learn how organizations can apply data to optimize key sales planning processes.

What You'll Learn?

  • Quota management – to allocate and set quotas that are fair and achievable while hitting corporate objectives
  • Sales capacity planning – accurately plan sales capacity to hit bookings goals
  • Territory planning – to achieve balanced territories that maximize sales coverage
  • Onboarding and ramp up – factor time taken to onboard and ramp up new reps and its impact on hitting bookings goals
  • Monitor, manage and analyze year round - enable sales leaders with a dashboard to monitor, manage and analyze in real-time