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Business Resilience in Digital Commerce

The opportunity exists for organizations to improve the digital commerce experience they offer their customers by moving beyond existing, monolithic commerce systems that aren’t designed for today’s needs. Consumers now demand simpler and more personalized digital experiences—especially in consumer products and retail—but limited support exists within legacy approaches to customize and configure digital commerce and to offer an elegant mobile-first experience. Many organizations still utilize static commerce applications that do not adapt to their specific industry and merchandise types.

This lack of flexibility includes the inability to adapt and integrate with other software across the enterprise, and it is an issue that must be overcome. To achieve the goal of robust straight-through processing within digital sales channels, organizations must identify when they are using commerce systems that were not designed to operate natively in the cloud or that don’t feature an extensible platform that can integrate to key enterprise systems like ERP, financial management, sales, service or marketing.


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Mark Smith

CEO and Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Mark Smith, is the CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research and drives the company’s global research agenda. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and business technology innovations including the business areas of customer experience, sales and marketing. Mark covers the digital technology innovation areas of artificial intelligence, business analytics, big data, bots and natural language processing, collaboration, Internet of Things, mobile technology and wearable computing.