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The Rise of Talent Engagement for Managers

Engagement is essential to empower every employee to perform his or her best, which is a key priority among HR and business leaders. It’s critical for ensuring that the workforce – almost always an organization’s most valuable asset – is delivering maximum value to the organization while valuing its own role in the organization’s success.

Unfortunately, though, discussions about employee engagement often do not focus sharply enough on two key concerns: how to enable management to optimize a team’s potential and how to implement practical steps toward improving employees’ overall experience by providing opportunities for professional and personal growth. Typical performance reviews rarely deliver useful insights on either.

To be sure, talent management applications can help improve many facets of human capital management by automating the attracting, hiring, onboarding, reviewing and compensating a workforce. But today’s technology alone cannot motivate the best possible employee performance, leaving many organizations searching for the secrets that will help them to adapt their processes in a way that will enable managers to motivate their teams of employees to engage and contribute at the highest levels.


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Mark Smith

CEO & Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Mark Smith is the CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research and drives the company’s global research agenda. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and business technology innovations including the business areas of customer experience, sales and marketing. Mark covers the digital technology innovation areas of artificial intelligence, business analytics, big data, bots and natural language processing, collaboration, Internet of Things, mobile technology and wearable computing.