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Personalized Compensation for the Employee Experience

HR professionals and business leaders today have a challenging new set of workforce dynamics to deal with. They need to attract and retain talent from multiple generations with different career and compensation goals and interests. In today’s tight labor market organizations must remain talent-competitive by constantly evaluating the effectiveness of how they entice and incent both candidates and employees. They also must be responsive to employees’ ability to ever-more-easily ascertain their market value from freely available online salary information and to initiate conversations with their managers about pay structures. This evolving situation is placing increasing strain on HR and business managers to respond and engage employees.

Attracting and retaining top talent is also difficult because of two other dynamics: The increased demand for digital-era jobs that didn’t exist in past years and the limited talent available to satisfy the demands in particular locations. In this environment, employees have choices and so organizations must take creative steps to keep their employees loyal, productive and engaged, investing in programs and systems that can support their human capital management (HCM) efforts.


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About the Author


Steve Goldberg

VP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Steve Goldberg is responsible for the human capital management (HCM) research at Ventana Research. Steve guides HR and business leaders to manage their workforce to gain competitive advantage and value from their investments. He covers the major areas including candidate engagement, employee experience, HRMS, learning management, payroll optimization, talent management, total rewards management and workforce management.