Management systems require technology for optimal operation

VR_Viewpoint_Embracing_Technology_for_ISO_45001_OHS_Standards_(Avetta)_2018_Cover.pngThe mission to assure the health and safety of workers is essential and requires policies and processes to help reduce risk and injuries in working environments across industries. Efficient certification in ISO 45001 brings challenges for organizations but technology can help them manage all the supporting information and metrics that support the processes the standard requires. A management system should be supported by a platform that enables organizations to assess and improve upon metrics that gauge compliance across the workforce and any external parties contracted directly or through outsourcing. It also should be able to indicate places for improvement across the entire supply chain, not just one department or division. Without a common technology platform that can integrate with other existing systems, compliance will require more work and increased risk as well as diminished agility and responsiveness. Organizations should have engaged leadership and management of the processes and technology that provide the information they need to ascertain risk in order to better support standards such as ISO 45001. Read the full viewpoint, fill out the form!