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Candidate Sourcing Technology: Objectives Drive Everything

Recruiting and hiring are no different than most areas of a business in that objectives can sometimes be quite fluid, and in that plans—and the challenges to their execution—will include both operational and strategic elements. One thing that makes the objectives in the domain of recruiting and hiring unique, however, is that the volume of activity can fluctuate dramatically over the course of the year. This is because two particular factors are especially changeable: the ultimate number of hires needed, and the size of the candidate pool that is required to meet those hiring targets.

Each of these factors is influenced by both internal operating context and broader market conditions. Those internal factors can include business performance against budgets, new or existing initiatives, employee turnover and retention, and productivity levels. Market conditions are truly external, and are often out of an organization’s control.


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Steve Goldberg

VP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Steve Goldberg is responsible for the human capital management (HCM) research at Ventana Research. Steve guides HR and business leaders to manage their workforce to gain competitive advantage and value from their investments. He covers the major areas including candidate engagement, employee experience, HRMS, learning management, payroll optimization, talent management, total rewards management and workforce management.