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Streaming Data: A New Imperative

Organizations’ use of data and information is evolving as the amount of data and the frequency with which that data is collected both grow. Data now streams into organizations from a variety of sources such as social media feeds and internet of things devices. The ever-increasing number of devices and streams of data offer new ways to capture information about a business and improve its operations. If an organization doesn’t capture this information and utilize it, it would be analogous to running a business without recording its sales or capturing its expenses. We at Ventana Research project that within two years the collection and analyses of streams of event data will be a standard component of enterprise information architectures.

The availability of this real-time data is changing the way we live and the types of systems we build. Historical data stores, while still relevant, are becoming a thing of the “past,” meaning they will become repositories of data that was collected and processed in real time and then stored. Streaming data is becoming the norm. Our Internet of Things benchmark research shows that nearly half (46%) of participants said they consider processing events in seconds or sub-seconds to be essential to their organization. Another fifth (21%) said they consider processing time measured in no more than minutes essential. The research also shows that speeding the flow of information is crucial to more than nine in 10 organizations. Clearly it will become a competitive necessity to capture and utilize these streams of data.


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