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Rethinking Customer Engagement Strategies at Increasing Scale

Organizations are facing a mounting gap between the services and connections customers want, and their capacity to actually deliver them. This capacity gap challenges budgets and planning and stifles innovation. There are no easy answers to the problem of handling ever-increasing volume across multiple channels without degrading service or increasing costs. To respond quickly and effectively to customer behavior that is always in flux, organizations need new strategies for engagement that foster enduring relationships at unprecedented scale.

The capacity gap confronting the customer engagement function is partly caused by consumers expanding their use of digital contact channels. This has two effects: it encourages more self-service while also increasing the complexity of the interactions that ultimately land in the agents’ hands. With volumes continually on the rise, the situation for customer experience planners is serious. They need to take action to adapt their contact centers and surrounding processes to handle much greater scale, or they risk degrading how their brands are perceived in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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About the Author

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Keith Dawson

VP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Keith Dawson is responsible for Customer Experience (CX) research, covering technology that facilitates engagement to optimize customer-facing processes. His focus areas include agent management, contact center and voice of the customer, along with technology in marketing, sales, field service and applications such as digital commerce and subscription management. Keith’s specialization is in natural language speech tools and the wide array of customer analytics.