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Data Lake Platforms: The Key to Success

Data lakes are important. They provide the opportunity to analyze data from not just one but all sources and at any level of detail, which improves business outcomes. Participants in our research reported that using big data analytics enabled better communication and alignment in the organization. These organizations share more information and therefore have more consistency in the information they share. They also reported they were able to gain a competitive advantage, be more responsive to customers and go to market faster.

However, data lakes can be challenging to create and maintain. Data engineers, data stewards, data scientists and business analysts are all involved in creating data lakes. Each plays a different role ingesting, enhancing and managing the stored data and information.

The process begins with identifying and ingesting all relevant data sources. As the data is ingested it must be enhanced. Enhancing includes ensuring the quality of the data, combining it with additional data from other sources and preparing it to support various types of analyses. All of this needs to be governed to ensure compliance with internal and regulatory requirements. The data and information also must be cataloged to help users find it when needed.


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