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Moving from Analytics to Action Requires Planning

Good analytics requires planning and good planning requires analytics. These worlds have largely been kept separate for decades but they shouldn’t be because each activity informs the other. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to conjoin the two; in our recent Value Index assessment of Analytics and Business Intelligence vendors, only one-third of the vendors we evaluated offered planning capabilities. Even fewer offered integrated planning and analytics environments.

The analytics and BI software technology market today still consists primarily of tools that offer just read-only reporting and dashboarding capabilities. While vendors have improved ease of use, scalability and portability, there has been less focus on integrating what-if, driver-based planning capabilities. These types of planning capabilities require input from users and interactive recalculation capabilities that most analytics and BI products lack.


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About the Author


David Menninger

SVP and Research Director
Ventana Research

David Menninger is responsible for the overall direction of research on data and analytics technologies at Ventana Research. He covers major areas including artificial learning and machine learning, big data, business intelligence, collaboration, data science and information management along with the additional specific research categories including blockchain, data governance, data lakes, data preparation, embedded analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and IoT.