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2020 Vendor and Product Assessment


The payroll preparation process has long been a labor-intensive set of administrative tasks designed to ensure that everyone is paid correctly and on time. Typically this is a transactional and compliance-centered function that involves manual adjustments, reconciliations and answering routine questions. However, things are changing. With the help of new digital technologies and delivery models, the payroll function today is delivering new value to the business through data-driven decision support as well as a better employee experience.

This Value Index report evaluates the following vendors that offer products that deliver payroll software as we define it: ADP, Ceridian, Kronos, Oracle, Paychex, SAP SuccessFactors, Ultimate Software Group and Workday. We urge organizations in search of a deployment or upgrade of this function to do a thorough job of evaluating payroll systems and tools and offer this Value Index as both the results of our in-depth analysis of these vendors and as an evaluation methodology.

Unlike many IT analyst firms that rank vendors from an IT-only perspective or consider futures or vision over what is available in the products today, Ventana Research has designed the Value Index to provide a balanced perspective of vendors and products that is rooted in an understanding of business drivers and needs. This approach not only reduces cost and time but also minimizes the risk of making a decision that is bad for the business. Using the Value Index will enable your organization to achieve the levels of efficiency and effectiveness needed to optimize payroll management.


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