Contact Center in the Cloud

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2018 Vendor and Product Assessment:

Executive Summary

To remain competitive, organizations must deliver the best possible customer experience through all channels of engagement. Our benchmark research finds that with consumers having embraced the internet, particularly social media and mobile devices, customers today are communicating with companies through more channels than ever before. The top three channels remain established ones: inbound calls, email and outbound calls. However, the volumes of interactions are expected to grow most in a number of digital channels, among them the corporate website, mobile apps and social media as well as email. The research also shows that many companies plan to support additional channels such as video calls, outbound text messaging and web-based chat.

Supporting multiple customer contact channels creates challenges. To deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience, organizations must integrate channels of communication, share all available information among the employees and systems handling interactions, apply the same rules in all of them and maintain context as customers move from channel to channel.


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