Embedded Analytics & Business Intelligence

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2019 Vendor and Product Assessment

Executive Summary

Ventana_Research_VI_Embedded_Analytics_&_BI_2019-ScatterVentana Research provides unique insight into the analytics and business intelligence (BI) industry. This is important, as its processes and technology play an instrumental role in enabling an organization’s business units and IT to utilize its data in both tactical and strategic ways to perform optimally. To accomplish this, organizations must not only provide technology that can access the data, generate and apply insights from analytics, and communicate the results, they also must ensure that the analytics are presented in a way that leads to action. One of the most effective ways to do this is to embed analytics into business processes and applications.

When analytics are embedded in business processes and analytics, analyses are easier to perform and more accessible to line of business personnel. The analyses are easier to perform in part because the application collects and assembles data; our research shows that data preparation can be the most time-consuming step in the analytical process. Embedded analytics can dramatically reduce or eliminate this step. The analyses are also easier to consume because there is no need to switch context between the business application and an analysis tool.

This Value Index assessment focuses on the challenge of delivering analytics and business intelligence in the context of business processes and applications. These needs are substantial: More than half of organizations (53%) report their users of analytics tools can’t perform their own analyses without IT involvement. Our research on cloud-based analytics, predictive analytics and big data analytics all show strong interest in embedded delivery of those capabilities.


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