Collaborative Analytics & Business Intelligence

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2019 Vendor and Product Assessment

Executive Summary

Ventana_Research_VI_Embedded_Analytics_&_BI_2019-ScatterMost of today’s analytics and business intelligence products support some form of collaboration. Capabilities that support the sharing of — and communication on — output from analytical processes are important because they help organizations maximize the value of their analytics investments. Analytical processes are used to support decision-making and those decisions typically involve multiple people. Facilitating communication and collaboration among those involved in the decision-making process leads to more informed and better decisions. Social media has introduced significant new collaboration capabilities that can further enhance the analytics process. Analytics and BI vendors have recognized the value of collaboration and have increasingly been incorporating these capabilities into their products.

The Value Index for Collaborative Analytics and Business Intelligence uses the Ventana Research methodology, a framework that evaluates application vendors and their products in seven categories of requirements. Five are product-related, assessing usability, manageability, reliability, capability and adaptability, while two quantify the customer assurance issues of vendor validation and total cost of ownership and return on investment (TCO/ROI).

This Value Index report evaluates the following vendors that offer products that deliver collaborative analytics and business intelligence as we define it: BOARD International, Domo, Infor, Information Builders, IBM, Looker, Microsoft Corporation, MicroStrategy, Oracle Corporation, Qlik,, SAP, SAS, Tableau Software and Yellowfin.


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