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White Paper

Best Practices for Optimizing Information

In order to make wise decisions and build competitive advantage, organizations of all kinds need actionable information - that is, data placed in context so it can support decision-making.

Research Perspective

Five Costs and Perils of Spreadsheets for Business Analytics

Managing performance effectively requires that a company be able to provide executives, managers and employees with accurate, timely information and make it possible for them to work interactively with that information – to see the numbers behind the numbers.

Research Perspective

Embracing Data Preparation

Data is a critical asset for business, but many business professionals have difficulty in getting to the data they need in a timely fashion. The inability to access data and prepare it for effective business use can impede efficiency in making decisions, acting on them, and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Research Perspective

Key Indicators and Data Enable Performance Management

Performance management consists of the strategy, methodologies and processes to manage the performance of an organization and its business network to achieve an agreed-upon set of goals and objectives.

Research Perspective

Data Preparation: An Enterprise Imperative

Data is fuel for today’s businesses; they cannot run without it. Like other types of fuel, it must be processed and made ready to use.

White Paper

Analytic Discovery Unlocks Information for Business

Analytic discovery technology enables exploratory analysis that spans multiple data sets of various sizes and structures. It is similar to data science in that both use computer science and statistical techniques

Research Perspective

The Art of the Possible: The Customer Service Journey

Profitable long-term relationships with customers depend on providing superior customer service; which is to a large extent shaped by how companies engage with customers throughout the customer journey. However; for many years the goal of both the d

Research Perspective

Achieving State-of-the-Art Finance Analytics

By itself data isn't useful for business. It requires analytics to transform data into actionable information. Analytics of one sort or another has long been a core competence of finance departments; applied to balance sheets; income statements or c

White Paper

Data Preparation Adds Value to Big Data

"Data is an essential asset of all organizations. Its use impacts every aspect of a business not least of all its profitability. Today's data comes from an array of often incompatible sources including disparate in-house systems cloud-based enviro...

White Paper

Advanced Analytics Enhances Business Intelligence

Today the need to process and analyze the ever larger volumes of data being generated is causing many businesses to consider expanding the capabilities of their business intelligence (BI) systems.

Research Perspective

Innovation Sharpens the Customer Focus

Customer behavior has changed. Customers today use significantly more channels of communication to interact with companies. When they shop; the convenience of online access has led them to be more demanding because they can go elsewhere with a few c

White Paper

Beyond Keeping the Lights On

CIOs and senior IT leaders such as directors of global applications and enterprise architects constantly face the challenge of reducing technology costs while continuing to deliver consistent value to the business. The IT organization must always be seeking opportunities to automate the infrastructure and processes used throughout the enterprise to improve efficiency.

Research Perspective

Total Talent Acquisition for Today’s Job Market

Even when it is handled well, talent acquisition is an increasingly costly process in today’s job market. Hiring the wrong people or in the wrong positions wastes time, money and effort. The intense competition for scarce talent makes mistakes more damaging – you may not get a second chance to hire the right person.

Research Perspective

Developing Best Practices in Sales Forecasting

"The purpose of sales forecasting is to anticipate and facilitate sales activities and help representatives identify opportunities, reach quotas and achieve the maximum potential of their accounts and territories. We find that sales forecasting is of,,,,,,,

Research Perspective

Five Best Practices for Sales Planning

"Launching and running a sales program without careful planning is a recipe for failure. Effectiveness in sales starts with planning. To be successful, planning must involve a range of stakeholders from various roles, use a systematic process, incorp,,,,,

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