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Sales Planning Improves Sales Performance Management:

Proper Software Enables Forward-Looking Plans

Make Sales Planning a Priority

Success in business is measured by what’s accomplished, and effective planning improves an organization’s ability to consistently achieve its objectives. When it comes to sales, many organizations are slow to recognize how ineffectual their sales-planning process is and how directly that is linked to sales performance.

One of the most significant consequences of poor sales planning is lost time. Almost half (44%) of participants in our benchmark research on next-generation business planning said that they require seven or more business days after the review period ends to compare actuals to their plan. Similarly, more than half (53%) require at least a day or two to uncover underlying details important to the review process; only 28 percent can drill down to details during the review meeting.

Effective sales planning guides current sales activities more effectively while saving time that can be devoted to improving results. It can provide an advantage over competitors that respond more slowly. An effective planning process also provides insights that make it possible to anticipate the future, respond rapidly to changes in the market and customer demand and shift focus quickly to accommodate market changes in accounts and products.



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