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Managing Sales Performance in Smaller Organizations:

Optimize Sales Effectiveness Using Analytics and Benchmarks

Managing Sales Performance Effectively

Sales organizations, especially in small businesses, are under pressure to take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity. Feeling they have to move fast, sales management personnel sometimes don’t conduct regular reviews of the incentives offered to individuals in the sales team and fail to compare incentives with how well people actually perform. This is a mistake because timely, targeted incentives are key motivators in efforts to align performance to quotas and produce desired results.

To succeed, smaller sales organizations must be able to perform as well as larger ones. In order to optimize their sales performance, these smaller organizations must be able to design and apply incentives that motivate sales reps to reach their targets. Almost three-quarters (73%) of small organizations participating in our sales compensation management benchmark research cited inconsistent execution as an impediment to improving sales compensation, a significantly greater percentage than the 61 percent average for all sizes. This may help explain why more small organizations (84%) than larger ones said that sales compensation is very important to the success of their sales organization.


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