Six Reasons Why These Applications Aren't Just for Small Companies

Many discussions of cloud computing concern how cloud-based software and services enable small and midsize businesses to acquire many of the same capabilities as large ones. In fact, though, large companies have been adopting the cloud, too – and with good reason. Our research finds that more than half (54%) of those that have 1,000 or more employees use cloud computing to gain access to applications. Just 14% have no intention of using the cloud.

 Admittedly, though, some large enterprises remain nervous about adopting cloud-based applications. When it comes to analytical applications such as financial performance manage­ment, 59% of the participants in our benchmark research on business technology innovation said they prefer an on-premises deployment while just 24% said they prefer the cloud. Asked why they do not plan to deploy cloud computing capabilities, more than half (56%) of large enterprises cited security as a reason.

We see six strong reasons that could persuade a finance department in a large organization to choose the cloud as the platform on which to deploy its financial performance management software:

  1. It makes financial sense.
  2. It works better.
  3. It gets results faster.
  4. It enables the IT department to focus on what’s important.
  5. It’s more secure and disaster-resistant.
  6. It is readily scalable and configurable.

Download the research perspective and get the details on these 6 reasons.