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Delivering a Superior Employee Experience

Beyond the Obsession with Employee Engagement

Engaged Employees Aren’t Enough

Employee engagement is a work behavior characterized by high levels of commitment, enthusiasm and purposeful involvement in one’s work and the organization. Engaged employees perform better and stay in the organization longer, and increased engagement often correlates with greater productivity. This is important because even modest improvements in productivity can translate into increases in incremental value. For example, consider a medium-sized company with 3,000 employees that has an average revenue-per-employee of $100,000. If individual productivity improves by only 5 percent, that productivity gain is worth $15 millionacross the company.

Unfortunately, an engaged employee isn’t always an optimally productive employee. One ’s talents may not be a good fit for therole he or she currently occupies, or the work to be done may not match an individual’sneed for tasks that foster growth. And individuals change over time.


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