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The Art of the Possible: The Customer Service Journey:

The Three Waves of Customer Experience

The Evolution of Customer Service

Profitable long-term relationships with customers depend on providing superior customer service, which is, to a large extent shaped by how companies engage with customers throughout the customer journey. However, for many years the goal of both the dedicated customer service department and other employees engaging with customers was to handle customer interactions as efficiently as possible – a focus that endures. Despite companies’ insistence that their primary commitment is customer satisfaction, our benchmark research into customer relationship maturity shows that for many, efficiency remains the top priority, often to the detriment of customer satisfaction.

But if organizations are slow to change, customers are not. Consumers have rapidly expanded the number of channels through which they want to engage and when they engage with companies. Their expectations have evolved as well: In their view they should be able to use any channel or combination of channels they like – telephone, email, chat, customer portal, social media or mobile app – and still have the same experience and receive the same information.



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