Using an Advanced Knowledge Base to Gain Business Advantage

Our benchmark research into the next-generation contact center in the cloud shows that 70% of companies expect to rely on the quality of the customer experi­ence to compete more effec­tively over the next two years, and 46% ex­pect to rely on the effectiveness of their digital self-service. However, the same re­search shows that as of today, approximate­ly a third (35%) of organizations don’t believe their cus­tomers are satisfied with the way their interac­tions are handled.

It is likely that the adoption of digital self-service engagement channels will further aggravate this situation unless organizations ensure that all systems share the same information sources. This is particularly true in cases where the customer starts on a digital channel, achieves only partial resolution and then transfers to assisted service. Under such circumstances, the customer experience will be degraded if he or she receives different information from that provided on the digital channel.

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