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Embracing Data Preparation Research Perspective:

A More Efficient Method for Creating Complete and Accurate Data

The Need for Data Preparation

Data is a critical asset for business, but many business professionals have difficulty in getting to the data they need in a timely fashion. The inability to access data and prepare it for effective business use can impede efficiency in making decisions, acting on them and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Data is stored today not just in structured forms in databases but in a variety of information systems and formats. Indeed, working with content of various sorts is a top priority for two out of three organizations, as shown in our benchmark research on big data integration, and almost two-thirds of organizations said they need to integrate it with other information and use it in a variety of ways.

The need to integrate and use a broad range of diverse types of information sources residing both inside and increasingly outside of the company firewall is growing rapidly. Our research on information optimization shows that three out of five companies need to integrate data from six or more sources, and approximately one-fifth need to integrate more than 20; without integration and then analysis, these new information repositories cannot be used fully to provide value to the business.


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