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Key Indicators and Data Enable Performance Management:

Building the Foundation for Metrics and Dashboards

Start with the Data Requirements

Performance management consists of the strategy, methodologies and processes to manage the performance of an organization and its business network to achieve an agreed-upon set of goals and objectives. It is an undertaking that returns significant value for the effort.

However, organizations seeking effective performance management must confront the realization that, as Peter Drucker famously wrote, they cannot manage what they can’t measure. Thus, an essential tool is the key indicator (KI), which makes it possible to measure actions against goals and align work with organizational strategy.

Key indicators are information used to measure performance and processes against goals. Applied properly, KIs measure performance, risk, accountability and the align-ment of processes and activities with organizational strategy. Key indicators in turn depend on metrics and measures built on complete, consistent, timely and accessible data.



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