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Gaining an Edge in Manufacturing with Business Analytics:

New Tools Take Manufacturing beyond Business Intelligence

Beyond Reports or Spreadsheets

Unfortunately, they’re unlikely to be able to do so by relying on the spreadsheets that our benchmark research into analytics in manufacturing finds are being used in almost two-thirds of organizations (63%). A substantial majority (92%) use them universally or regularly, yet the research found that doing so leads to analytics that take longer to generate and are less accurate. Clearly there’s a reason why three in five (60%) manufacturing organizations say it is very important to make it simpler to provide analytics and metrics to all who need them.

The business analytics that manufacturing organizations need should be built on a range of efficient dedicated technologies. The higher quality information they yield should include well-defined metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are specific both to the manufacturing business and to individual departments including the supply chains of distributors and suppliers. When properly built these indicators incorporate goals, displayed as a range, to enable users to monitor and improve performance beyond the minimally acceptable level. They also should include trend indicators to show progress since the prior period, making it easier to identify early on any changes in organizational momentum.


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