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Enabling Omnichannel Customer Experiences:

An Effective Agent Experience is Essential

Customer Engagement Challenges

For interactions with customers to go well, organizations must deploy a wide range of systems to manage an ever-increasing array of engagement channels. But providing the information needed for all these customer-related activities isn’t simple. Our research into next-generation customer engagement finds thatorganizations support an average of eight interaction channels per inquiry. It also finds that organizations expect to see volumes increase on all channels, especially digital ones such as text-based messaging, chat, mobile and social apps.

Unfortunately, the systems that manage these channels are typically disparate and un coordinated and may not us e the same underlying technology. This makes it difficult for organizations to coordinate contact routing consistently and provide the best possible customer experience.

All of which means it is challenging for organizations to manage data supporting customer engagement across multiple channels, which creates the potential that information provided on one channel differs from information provided on another. Discrepancies such as this create confusion and waste valuable time and resources, driving down both customer and agent satisfaction levels.


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