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Analytics Transforms Customer Interactions:

Improving the Customer Experience through Insights

Using Data for Customer Interactions

Our benchmark research on next-generation customer engagement shows that customers interact with companies through as many as 17 communication channels, most of which are electronic. These interactions produce large volumes of speech and text data. Until recently it required extensive manual effort to extract information and insights from this mass of data.

Business units also have an array of stand-alone systems to manage customer-related activities and transnational customer data from marketing, sales, customer service and other business applications. This dual diversity makes it difficult to produce a single integrated view of customer-related activities that includes information derived from customer interactions as well as transaction data.

Additionally, most companies are not able to process customer interaction data in real or near-real time and thus cannot take action during or soon after interactions. This inability makes it difficult to satisfy customer expectations of receiving immediate responses to requests for information or action.


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