The Price is Right!

Price and revenue optimization (PRO), well established in travel, hospitality, financial services and retailing is just becoming mainstream in B2B commerce. Applying more effective big data analytics in end-to-end sales process management makes B2B PRO a practical tool for achieving sustainable competitive advantage.


Using big data analytics, machine learning and process management, price and revenue management technology enables B2B companies to optimize profit margin and sales objectives and achieve consistently better financial results than without technology.

Research Fact

Only 15% of companies use price and revenue optimization techniques. Only 26% measure customer profitability

Best Practice

While price drives many business decisions, buyers should focus first on vendors with strong references in their industry when evaluating software

Adopting B2B PRO can be a complex process that demands the right software. If you are considering using price and revenue optimization in your company, we can advise you on the software and data aspects. We are vendor agnostic. Our guidance starts with your business objectives and connects them to the approach that best suits your needs.

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