Organizations need to address limitations in the ways they manage product information, including related attributes and content that describes the products. New types and sources of data often introduce new and inconsistent ways in which products, materials and attributes are defined. Yet organizations must incorporate these large amounts of new data more quickly than ever because competitive pressures require that the information presented to customers is accurate, operational processes run uninterrupted and timely data is available for business analysis.

Ventana Re­search under­took this bench­­­mark research to de­ter­­mine the attitudes, re­quire­­ments and future plans of those who use product information management systems and to identify the best prac­tices of organizations that use it successfully. We set out to examine both the com­mon­­ali­ties and the qualities spe­cific to major in­dus­try sec­tors and across sizes of or­ga­ni­za­tions. We considered how organizations perform product information management, issues they encounter in the process and how their use of PIM and related technology is evolving.

To see how organizations are using the Product Information Management, along with the successes and problems they are encountering, download the executive summary.