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Organizations of all sizes and industries find themselves deluged by an unceasing torrent of data coming from a multitude of sources in many formats which are stored in disparate systems. The challenge is also capturing data at lowest levels of detail and keeping more history than ever before and managing the storage of the increasing volumes of data. But for some organizations the applying data science and using machine learning and predictive analytics is where the true value is derived from data.

Ventana Research offers research-based guidance on data processing and data management to help you expand competencies that will enhance the value of information. Our insights on smarter storage, integration, virtualization, governance and preparation will enable you to embrace new methods for using information effectively.

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Through 2026 the development of intelligent applications providing personalized experiences will drive demand for data platforms capable of supporting a mix of operational and analytic processing.


Matt Aslett

VP & Research Director

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Value Index
Analytics & Business Intelligence

Ventana Research provides unique insight into the analytics and business intelligence (BI) industry. This is important, as its processes and technology play an instrumental role in enabling an organization’s business units and IT to utilize its dat

Executive Summary
Big Data Analytics 2014

Applying analytics to big data can help organizations resolve many data-dependent management and operational issues encountered by both business units and the IT groups that support them. But many potential users aren�t sure precisely what big-data a

Executive Summary
Big Data Integration 2014

Tools for big-data integration must be able to work with a range of underlying architectures and data technologies that were assessed including data appliances; flat files; Hadoop and in-memory computing as well as conventional database technologies

Value Index
Data Integration 2012

With the rise in the use of analytics and big data; companies are dependent on the data they collect. But if the data is not formatted in a way that analytics tools can access and use it; the results produced will be incomplete or inaccurate. This is

Executive Summary
Information Optimization 2014

Organizations need access to timely; accurate information to effectively make decisions;compete; and prosper. But doing this remains more art than science. Accommodating to this situation � being able to act faster and smarter relying on fewer human

Executive Summary
Internet of Things 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that extends digital connectivity to devices and sensors in homes; businesses; vehicles and potentially almost anywhere. This advance enables virtually any device to transmit its data; to which analytics c

Executive Summary
Next Generation Predictive Analytics 2915

Many organizations become interested in predictive analytics as a way to enable them to adapt to a changing conditions and increasing pressure to perform. Intense global competition; new ways of conducting business (especially on the Internet) and di

Executive Summary
Data Preparation 2018

Data is essential to every aspect of business, and organizations that use it effectively are likely to gain advantages over competitors that do not. Information derived from this data is essential to address a variety of needs; the most common uses a

Executive Summary
Data and Analytics in the Cloud 2015

Cloud computing is a major technology innovation. Many companies already use the cloud for business functions such as customer service sales marketing finance and human resources. Analytics and BI however have not migrated to the cloud as quick

Best Practices
Data and Analytics 2015

Cloud computing is a major technology innovation. Many companies already use the cloud for business functions such as customer service sales marketing finance and human resources. Analytics and BI however have not migrated to the cloud as quick

Monetizing Data Through Customer Facing Analytics

David Menninger shares research details on how real-world organizations are using customer-facing analytics to monetize their data.

Take the Lead: Activate Your Data Science Practice

This presentation by Ventana Research's David Menninger shares research details on the benefits of scalable, secure and deployment-ready platform approach to data science vs. one-off tool, proven architectures, capabilities and approaches that help k

Dynamic Insights
Data Lakes

Data lakes, also called data hubs, offer a way to manage big data and make it available for analysis. A data lake combines massive storage capabilities for any type of data in any format with the processing power needed to transform and analyze the d

Gateway to Modernizing Data Quality for the Enterprise

When a resource is important to a business, they watch over it: measure it, manage it, make sure it benefits them.

Analyst Perspective
Data Lakes Meet Data Warehouses

In this analyst perspective, Dave Menninger takes a look at data lakes. He explains the term “data lake,” describes common use cases and shares his views on some of the latest market trends.

Analyst Perspective
Data in 2020: Ventana Research Agenda

Ventana Research recently announced its 2020 research agenda for data, continuing the guidance we’ve offered for nearly two decades to help organizations derive optimal value and improve business outcomes.

Analyst Perspective
Uncovering Trends in Data Governance

Effectively managing data privacy and security is a high-stakes matter.

Analyst Perspective
Five Modern Data Architecture Trends

I was recently asked to identify key modern data architecture trends.

Analyst Perspective
MicroStrategy World 2020

MicroStrategy recently held its annual user conference, which focused on the theme of the “Intelligent Enterprise.”

Analyst Perspective
Historical Databases: Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Organizations’ use of data and information is evolving as the amount of data and the frequency with which that data is collected increase.

Analyst Perspective
Big Data, Machine Learning and Alteryx Inspires 2019

Alteryx Inspire 2019, this year's user conference for Alteryx, drew around 4500 customers, partners, and prospects to Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Tennessee last month.

Analyst Perspective
Data Management on Display at Informatica World 2019

This year, I attended Informatica World 2019, Informatica's annual user conference.

Analyst Perspective
Embedded Data and Information Builders Summit 2019

Summit 2019, Information Builders' annual user conference, drew about 1000 attendees this year, including customers, partners and prospects all working with Information Builders' technologies.

Analyst Perspective
Qlik's shift to SaaS at Qonnections 2019

Qonnections 2019 is Qlik's annual user conference. Key news from this year's conference centered on acquisitions of Podium Data and Attunity, along with an expansion of certifications on Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Azure, with the ability to supp

Analyst Perspective
Big Data for Business: A Requirement for Today’s Business Analytics

Organizations now must store, process and use data of significantly greater volume and variety than in the past.

Key Requirements for Today’s Modern Data Warehouse

Organizations today need to rely on data more than at any point in the past. This is because understanding the details of your business operations can mean the difference between success and failure.

Analyst Perspective
DataOps: Managing the Process and Technology

For decades, data integration was a rigid process. Data was processed in batches once a month, once a week or once a day. Organizations needed to make sure those processes were completed successfully—and reliably—so they had the data necessary to mak

Scalability and Flexibility Critical to the Modern Data Warehouse

Today’s fast-paced world requires responsiveness in all types of interactions with customers, prospects, partners and employees. Organizations must be able to respond in the moment or risk missing the opportunity altogether. To do this, the systems a

Improve Financial Services with Event Stream Data

Streaming data will be transformative to the future of financial services organizations. It can provide the critical, timely information needed to deliver world-class customer service, detect and prevent fraud, tie together disparate legacy systems o

Insurers Use Event Stream Data to Transform Services

Streaming data is transforming how insurance companies provide their services. It can offer critical information needed to underwrite risks with better information, detect and prevent fraudulent claims, deliver world-class customer service and tie to

Retailers Improve Performance Using Event Stream Data

Streaming data is transforming how retailers operate. Retail’s evolution from brick-and-mortar to omnichannel has provided organizations with better information about customer behavior while also increasing the expectations of consumers regarding the

Analyst Perspective
Diving Deeper into the Data Lake

A data lake is a centralized repository designed to house big data in structured, semi-structured and unstructured form.

Analyst Perspective
Molecula Earns Ventana Research 13th Digital Innovation Award for Data

Ventana Research has awarded Molecula its 2020 Digital Innovation Award for Data. This award acknowledges the technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in data and associated technologies for supporting information management-related needs.

White Paper
Data Warehouses Meet Data Lakes

For decades, organizations have recognized the need to perform analyses that draw upon information from various parts of an organization. Product profitability analyses require production costs, selling costs and customer service costs.

Cloud Migration Tips, Tricks and Traps

For a variety of reasons, organizations are moving their workloads to the cloud. Our research shows that one-third of organizations have their primary data lake platforms in the cloud and most organizations (86%) expect the majority of their data to

Analyst Perspective
Emerging Data Platforms Tackle Big Challenges

Organizations are always looking to improve their ability to use data and AI to gain meaningful and actionable insights into their operations, services and customer needs.

Analyst Perspective
Snowflake Builds on Its Success

Traditional on-premises data processing solutions have led to a hugely complex and expensive set of data silos where IT spends more time managing the infrastructure than extracting value from the data.

Analyst Perspective
Tableau and Salesforce bring New Look to Business Analytics

Businesses are transforming their organizations, building a data culture and deploying sophisticated analytics more broadly than ever.

Analyst Perspective
Cloudera Consolidates Its Data Platform

Organizations are dealing with exponentially increasing data that ranges broadly from customer-generated information, financial transactions, edge-generated data and even operational IT server logs.

Analyst Perspective
Introducing Precisely for Data Integrity

Data is becoming more valuable and more important to organizations. At the same time, organizations have become more disciplined about the data on which they rely to ensure it is robust, accurate and governed properly.

Analyst Perspective
The Ventana Research 2021 Market Agenda: How Digital Effectiveness Impacts Organizational Agility

Ventana Research has announced its market agenda for 2021, continuing the tradition of transparency in our efforts to educate and guide the technology market but also our independence as we do not share our market agenda or analyst perspectives with

Analyst Perspective
Data in 2021: Ventana Research Market Agenda

Ventana Research recently announced its 2021 Market Agenda for data, continuing the guidance we have offered for nearly two decades to help organizations derive optimal value and improve business outcomes.

Analyst Perspective
Informatica Continues to Evolve Data Management Platform

Organizations are accelerating their digital transformation and looking for innovative ways to engage with customers in this new digital era of data management.

Analyst Perspective
Dataiku Streamlines AI/ML

Organizations are becoming more and more data-driven and are looking for ways to accelerate the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).

Value Index
Analytics and Data 2021 Value Index

This report evaluates the following vendors that offer products that deliver analytics and BI as we define it: Inc., Board International, Domo, Infor, Information Builders Inc., IBM, Google LLC, Microsoft Corporation, MicroStrategy, Oracle

Value Index
Mobile Analytics and Data 2021 Value Index

This report evaluates the following vendors that offer products that deliver analytics and BI as we define it: Inc., Board International, Domo, Infor, Information Builders Inc., IBM, Google LLC, Microsoft Corporation, MicroStrategy, Oracle

Value Index
Embedded Analytics and Data 2021 Value Index

This report evaluates the following vendors that offer products that deliver embedded analytics and business intelligence as we define it: Inc., Board International, Domo, Google LLC, Infor, Information Builders Inc., IBM, Microsoft Corpor

Analyst Perspective
Incorta Streamlines Analytics with Direct Data Access

The amount of data flowing into organizations is growing exponentially, creating a need to process more data more quickly than ever before.

Analyst Perspective
DataRobot Automates and Simplifies AI/ML

Machine learning is valuable for organizations, but it can be hard to deploy. Our Machine Learning Dynamic Insights research identifies that not having enough skilled resources and difficulty building and maintaining ML systems are pressing challenge

Analyst Perspective
Why Your Data Lake Needs Bad Data

Everyone talks about data quality, as they should. Our research shows that improving the quality of information is the top benefit of data preparation activities.

Time to Take Another Look at MDM

Master data management (MDM) as a discipline has been around for decades. And MDM software has been evolving over time to help organizations meet their changing data requirements. But if your understanding of MDM software is even a little bit dated,

Analyst Perspective
Alation Helps Organizations Get More Value From Data

Alation recently announced the release of its 2021.1 version, introducing new data governance capabilities, enhancements in search and discovery through data domains, and extended connector and query coverage for data sources.

Better Insights with External Data

External data can be valuable to many organizations for a variety of reasons. It can be used by planning and operations teams to benchmark an organization’s financial or operational performance. It can enrich the data an organization collects and ana

Analyst Perspective
Teradata Expands Vantage Enterprise Data Platform

Teradata introduced some enhancements to its Vantage platform last year in which they expanded its analytics functions and language support, and strengthened tools to improve collaboration between data scientists, business analysts, data engineers an

Modern MDM Requirements

Master data management (MDM) is critical to ensuring that your organization has the clean, consistent data needed to operate efficiently and effectively. Excellent customer experiences and effective omnichannel engagement often depend on enrichment w

Delivering Data and Analytics to HR and Finance

Human Resources and Finance are critical business functions. Engaging with the analytics associated with these areas will help improve business operations, but in many cases traditional data warehouses and analytics are so disconnected from the busin

Analyst Perspective
Innovit Named a Vendor with Merit in the 2021 PIM Value Index

We are happy to share some insights about Innovit MDM drawn from our latest Value Index research, which assesses how well vendors’ offerings meet buyers’ requirements.

White Paper
Embracing Modern Data Governance Practices

For too long, data governance has been about preventing people from doing things with data. Yes, restrictions and controls over data are absolutely necessary and should be part of every organization’s information architecture. These controls are nece

Analyst Perspective
Confluent Helps Organizations Tackle Streaming Data

Confluent Platform is a streaming platform built by the original creators of Apache Kafka. It enables organizations to organize and manage streaming data from various sources. Confluent launched its IPO in June this year and raised $828 million to fu

White Paper
Avoiding Cloud Data Cost Overruns

The anticipated benefits of cloud computing have encouraged organizations to accelerate adoption of cloud-based applications and services. Data and analytics are no exception, especially as more and more of an organization’s data resides in the cloud

Simplify your Data and Analytics Architecture for Faster Insights

Master data management (MDM) is critical to ensuring that your organization has the clean, consistent data needed to operate efficiently and effectively. Excellent customer experiences and effective omnichannel engagement often depend on enrichment w

Analyst Perspective
Rapidminer Platform Supports Entire Data Science Lifecycle

Rapidminer is a visual enterprise data science platform that includes data extraction, data mining, deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and predictive analytics. It can support AI/ML processes with data preparation, mo

Analyst Perspective
Collibra Brings Effective Data Governance to Line-of-Business

Collibra is a data governance software company that offers tools for metadata management and data cataloging. The software enables organizations to find data quickly, identify its source and assure its integrity.

White Paper
The Digital Age of Data Intelligence

The age of data is here, and the value of all that data to organizations continues to increase. Data has, in fact, become integral to an organization’s ability to grow and thrive. So, it is essential that organizations tap into every available source

Analyst Perspective
The Weak Link in Data Governance? Analytics

Data governance is a hot topic these days. In fact, we are conducting benchmark research on the subject here. With increasing regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), organizati

DATA GOVERNANCE Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

For years data governance has been challenging for organizations. There have been too many different data-related technologies to manage and too many manual processes involved. As a result, data governance policies were restrictive and interfered wit

Analyst Perspective
Data Virtualization Brings Data Together Quickly and Easily

The technology industry throws around a lot of similar terms with different meanings as well as entirely different terms with similar meanings. In this post, I don’t want to debate the meanings and origins of different terms; rather, I’d like to high

Analyst Perspective
Use External Data Platform to Improve Analytics

Access to external data can provide a competitive advantage. Our research shows that more than three-quarters (77%) of participants consider external data to be an important part of their machine learning (ML) efforts. The most important external dat

Five Key Requirements of an External Data Platform

External data can be valuable to many organizations. It can enrich the internal data that an organization collects and analyzes about its customers, prospects and partners. Planning and operations teams can benchmark an organization’s financial or op

Market Perspective
Solace Event-Driven Architecture Enables Hybrid Cloud Computing

When you think about it, events are at the very core of computing, right down to the simplest if-then operation in a spreadsheet. Each event leads to a set of choices, often binary, which then become events in themselves.

Analyst Perspective
Databricks Lakehouse Platform Streamlines Big Data Processing

Databricks is a data engineering and analytics cloud platform built on top of Apache Spark that processes and transforms huge volumes of data and offers data exploration capabilities through machine learning models.

Market Perspective
Virtualizing Data Architectures for Hybrid Cloud-Computing

The virtualization of business and the evolution of digital transformation to applications and systems that operate in cloud computing — or the “as-a-service” environment — has fragmented enterprise and data architectures.

Digital Age of Data Intelligence: Five Steps to Optimize Your Revenue Potential

The age of data is here, and all that data has become integral to an organization’s ability to grow and thrive. However, companies struggle with combining data science and technological advancements to establish data intelligence that is unified, sop

Data in Motion

The availability of real-time data is changing the way we live and the types of systems we build. Organizations need more immediacy in their operations. Nearly half the participants in our Internet of Things research study indicated that it was essen

Analyst Perspective
Google Cloud Advances to Multi-Cloud

Enterprises looking to adopt cloud-based data processing and analytics face a disorienting array of data storage, data processing, data management and analytics offerings.

Market Perspective
Domino Manages Data Science Life Cycle

With more and more data available to analyze, organizations are realizing the value that sophisticated analyses using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) can provide. The benefits of these analyses are significant: our Dynamic Insigh

Analyst Perspective
Blockchains for Medical Identity Management Face Challenges

The need for a COVID-19 vaccination “passport” has prompted some to suggest using blockchain technology as a means of reliably verifying an individual’s status at an international level.

Analyst Perspective
Cockroach Labs Brings Developers and Serverless Database Together

Breaking into the database market as a new vendor is easier said than done given the dominance of the sector by established database and data management giants, as well as the cloud computing providers. We recently described the emergence of a new br

Analyst Perspective
The Potential for Hybrid and Multicloud Platforms to Safeguard Data

It has been clear for some time that future enterprise IT architecture will span multiple cloud providers as well as on-premises data centers. As Ventana Research noted in the market perspective on data architectures, the rapid adoption of cloud comp

Current Data Market Trends

Data Catalogs are fundamentally changing the way organizations think about and manage their data.

Market Perspective
Kyligence Brings Simplification to Data Processes for Analytics

Data platforms are designed to manage and analyze big data, enabling organizations to leverage their data to operate with greater efficiency across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our Analytics and Data Benchmark Research finds that

Market Perspective
Chewy Earns Digital Leadership Award in Data with Alation for 2021

The annual Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards recognize organizations and individuals that utilize technology to advance business and IT. The Digital Leadership Awards showcase the professional leadership and their use of business application

Market Perspective
Semarchy Brings Master Data Management to Line-of-Business Users

Digital transformation efforts are widespread, with most organizations focusing on the innovative use of data. Business users demand real-time, integrated analytics deployed through a unified platform with built-in machine learning (ML) that delivers

Analyst Perspective
Digital Business Market Agenda for 2022: Resilience and Readiness

With the announcement of Ventana Research’s 2022 Market Agenda, our expertise in Digital Business continues to advance the market need for effective investments into technology, and I will outline here the key areas of focus to provide insights to or

Analyst Perspective
Managing Data Effectively in 2022: Ventana Research Market Agenda

Ventana Research recently announced its 2022 Market Agenda for Data, continuing the guidance we have offered for nearly two decades to help organizations derive optimal value and improve business outcomes.

Benchmark Research
Analytics and Data Benchmark Research

Today’s world runs on data, so to succeed organizations must use analytics to understand, plan and improve their operations. Ventana Research is conducting benchmark research to understand how organizations apply analytics to data, producing informat

Analyst Perspective
Hybrid Data Processing Use Cases

I recently described how the data platforms landscape will remain divided between analytic and operational workloads for the foreseeable future. Analytic data platforms are designed to store, manage, process and analyze data, enabling organizations t

Benchmark Research - VOD
Analytics and Data 2022 Benchmark Research Report

Organizations analyze the data they collect in a myriad of ways, providing insights and guiding decision-making through mathematics-based metrics. The resulting information can be distributed via traditional reports, visualized in a variety of displa

Analyst Perspective
Incorta Unifies Data Processing to Accelerate Analytics & BI

As I stated when joining Ventana Research, the socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic and its aftereffects have highlighted more than ever the differences between organizations that can turn data into insights and are agile enough to act upon it and t

Analyst Perspective
Good Data Governance Improves Business Processes

Many organizations invest in data governance out of concern over misuse of data or potential data breaches. These are important considerations and valid aspects of data governance programs. However, good data governance also has positive impacts on o

Analyst Perspective
Data Observability is Key to Ensuring Healthy Data Pipelines

I recently described the emergence of hydroanalytic data platforms, outlining how the processes involved in generating energy from a lake or reservoir were analogous to those required to generate intelligence from a data lake. I explained how structu

Analyst Perspective
Bigeye Provides Visibility into Data Reliability

As businesses become more data-driven, they are increasingly dependent on the quality of their data and the reliability of their data pipelines. Making decisions based on data does not guarantee success, especially if the business cannot ensure that

Analyst Perspective
Evolving NoSQL Database Functionality Fuels Adoption

The various NoSQL databases have become a staple of the data platforms landscape since the term entered the IT industry lexicon in 2009 to describe a new generation of non-relational databases. While NoSQL began as a ragtag collection of loosely affi

Analyst Perspective
Explorium Improves Machine Learning Models With External Data

Today, organizations understand the importance of good external data that can be integrated with internal data to train machine learning models. Our Machine Learning Dynamic Insights research showed that external data adds a significant value in gain

Analyst Perspective
Expanded NoSQL Use Cases Deserve a Second Look

I recently examined how evolving functionality had fueled the adoption of NoSQL databases, recommending that organizations evaluate NoSQL databases when assessing options for data transformation and modernization efforts. This recommendation was base

Analyst Perspective
Looker Simplifies Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Organizations face various challenges with analytics and business intelligence processes, including data curation and modeling across disparate sources and data warehouses, maintaining data quality and ensuring security and governance.

Analyst Perspective
Yellowbrick Paves the Way to Distributed Cloud

Despite widespread and increasing use of the cloud for data and analytics workloads, it has become clear in recent years that, for most organizations, a proportion of data-processing workloads will remain on-premises in centralized data centers or di

Analyst Perspective
The Benefits of Data Mesh Extend to Organizational and Cultural Change

Data mesh is the latest trend to grip the data and analytics sector. The term has been rapidly adopted by numerous vendors — as well as a growing number of organizations —as a means of embracing distributed data processing. Understanding and adopting

Analyst Perspective
Starburst Accelerates Analysis of Distributed Data

I recently described the growing level of interest in data mesh which provides an organizational and cultural approach to data ownership, access and governance that facilitates distributed data processing. As I stated in my Analyst Perspective, data

Market Perspective
Alteryx Accelerates Trifacta Push to Make Big Data Manageable

Improving the quality of information is cited by organizations as the leading benefit of data preparation activities. Data quality efforts are focused on clean data, but increasingly, the importance of bad data is also recognized. To be more accurate

Analyst Perspective
Regional Attitudes to Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Data governance is an issue that impacts all organizations large and small, new and old, in every industry, and every region of the world. Data governance ensures that an organization’s data can be cataloged, trusted and protected, improving business

Analyst Perspective
Real-Time Data Processing Requires More Agile Data Pipelines

I recently wrote about the importance of data pipelines and the role they play in transporting data between the stages of data processing and analytics. Healthy data pipelines are necessary to ensure data is integrated and processed in the sequence r

Analyst Perspective
Oracle Positions to Address Any and All Data Platform Needs

I recently described how the operational data platforms sector is in a state of flux. There are multiple trends at play, including the increasing need for hybrid and multicloud data platforms, the evolution of NoSQL database functionality and applica

Market Perspective
Vertica Unifies Analytics and Business Intelligence at Scale

Organizations face a variety of data and analytics challenges resulting from growth and increased scale. Multiple tools and techniques are needed to derive value from various databases. But, adding more systems means adding more complexities, which c

Analyst Perspective
Yugabyte Targets Developers to Accelerate Distributed SQL Database Adoption

Over a decade ago, I coined the term NewSQL to describe the new breed of horizontally scalable, relational database products. The term was adopted by a variety of vendors that sought to combine the transactional consistency of the relational database

Analyst Perspective
Are Serverless Databases the Best Fit for Your Organization?

The server is a key component of enterprise computing, providing the functional compute resources required to support software applications. Historically, the server was so fundamentally important that it – along with the processor, or processor core

Analyst Perspective
Accelerate Business Outcomes with Immuta Data Access Governance

The data governance landscape is growing rapidly. Organizations handling vast amounts of data face multiple challenges as more regulations are added to govern sensitive information. Adoption of multi-cloud strategies increases governance concerns wit

Analyst Perspective
SingleStore Positions Hybrid Data Processing for Data Intensity

I recently described the use cases driving interest in hybrid data processing capabilities that enable analysis of data in an operational data platform without impacting operational application performance or requiring data to be extracted to an exte

Analyst Perspective
Disentangling and Demystifying Data Mesh and Data Fabric

For many organizations, new technological investment and evolution will be required to facilitate adoption of data mesh. Meanwhile, the concept of the data fabric, a technology-driven approach to managing and governing data across distributed environ

Analyst Perspective
MariaDB Offers One Database for All Workloads

As I recently described, it is anticipated that the majority of database workloads will continue to be served by specialist data platforms targeting operational and analytic workloads, albeit with growing demand for hybrid data processing use-cases a

Benchmark Research - VOD
Data Governance 2022 Benchmark Research Report

Data governance has always been a critical part of the data and analytics landscape but was for many years seen as a preventative function that was designed to limit access to data to ensure compliance with security and data privacy requirements.

Analyst Perspective
Dremio Embraces Data Lakehouse with Cloud Launch

I previously explained how the data lakehouse is one of two primary approaches being adopted to deliver what I have called a hydroanalytic data platform. Hydroanalytics involves the combination of data warehouse and data lake functionality to enable

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