About the benchmark

Effective analytics enables businesses to understand the data they’re collecting in greater volumes and more forms than ever before. The situation has special importance for sales organizations. Applied to data created and needed by sales organizations, analytics can help achieve quotas and forecast more consistently, understand the impact of incentives and maximize the potential of territories, all of which support the effort to optimize sales performance.

It is clear that organizations take sales analytics seriously, but the research also shows that most do not perform it especially well. More than half (55%) of participants said they are not satisfied with the current process their sales organization uses to calculate analytics; only 30 percent reported that they are satisfied. Our Performance Index analysis ranks the majority (59%) of organizations at the two lowest levels of our four-tiered performance hierarchy. Among the four business dimensions into which we segment performance, the analysis reveals that organizations most often need to improve in the two more technical dimensions, Information and Technology.

This Ventana Research benchmark research, The Next Generation of Sales Analytics, examines the use of and intentions for analytics and metrics involved in sales-related activities. It assesses the performance of organizations by size and industry through application of the Ventana Research Performance Index Model®. Applying the buyer-oriented Ventana Research Value Index as well, the research provides insight into buyer requirements and how well the market currently satisfies them.