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The Increasing Importance of Data Governance

Market Insights from Benchmark Research

Executive Summary

Ventana Research has conducted market research on organizations’ use of analytics and data over many decades. The research has been conducted against the backdrop of the growing recognition that effective data management and data governance is essential to facilitating accelerated decision-making, as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. Data governance has always been a critical part of the data and analytics landscape but was for many years seen as a preventative function that was designed to limit access to data to ensure compliance with security and data privacy requirements.

More recently, data governance has evolved into a more collaborative discipline in which business users and IT work together to create policies and procedures that balance the desire to increase access to data with ongoing requirements for regulatory compliance and business best practices. This evolution has involved increasing awareness that, far from limiting the use of data, the implementation of data governance policies and procedures can provide a framework that expands access to data which enables organizations to make faster decisions based on data by providing a platform for self-service data discovery and analysis.


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