Consumers have changed the ways in which they expect to engage with companies. While long-established channels such as the telephone, email and company websites are still the most used, many consumers now prefer to use text messages, online chat, social media and applications on their mobile devices. As a result, companies have had to add support for the many (and increasing) channels of engagement; ignoring this exposes them to the risk that some customers will choose not to do business with them.VR-BR-NGCCC-2016-ES-Cover.png

This benchmark research into Next-Generation Contact Center in the Cloud examines the use of technologies and best practices to improve the ways in which companies handle both assisted (involving a live employee) and self-service customer interactions. The research provides a better understanding of organizations’ requirements and thus improve their ability to formulate a successful internal business case for investing in contact center in the cloud technologies. The research also looks into how the increased use of mobile technologies is impacting how consumers engage with companies and how employees carry out their daily tasks in serving customers.