Ventana Research is the first research company to benchmark the maturity and direction of customer experience management that is a critical component of every organizations customer centric processes. Ventana Research believes that enterprise-wide customer interaction and satisfaction processes are essential to managing customer experience in today’s competitive markets. With appropriate customer experience management technologies and use of common customer information, companies can improve customer performance, coordinate consistent interactions across functional, departmental and divisional lines, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Ventana Research has undertaken a comprehensive benchmark of the adoption and use of customer experience management. We assessed how organizations are advancing their customer management strategies and processes through use of technology and information. This research will help executives and managers to better understand how to improve their customer experience management efforts. It will enable them to determine how to align their organization’s people, processes, information and technology to improve customer performance. Ventana Research believes that with proper planning and execution, companies that deploy customer experience management can achieve a competitive advantage.