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The State of Customer Analytics:

Using Technology to Enhance Customer-Related Activities

Executive Summary

Today’s intense competition requires that companies know as much as they can about their customers in order to anticipate their needs and serve them better. Implementing initiatives such as customer value, customer experience, price and profitability optimization, contact center optimization and risk mitigation requires in-depth understanding of the options available and the information technology prerequisites needed to support each option.

In pursuit of these goals, businesses collect, track and analyze data from broader and deeper sets of data sources than ever before. While structured data remains the most common form, organizations are learning also to exploit semistructured data (for example, text) as well as more complex data such as voice and image files. Seeking an advantage, they use analytics across the business to assess customer value, the nature and quality of the customer experience, the effectiveness of interaction-handing processes, contact center performance, compliance with regulations and more. Indeed, customer data is one of the most promising areas for the application of analytics; it can deliver significant value when used to deepen insight, sharpen decision-making and provide alerts when situations require attention from mana¬gers or executives.


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