Organizations need access to timely, accurate information to effectively make decisions,compete, and prosper. But doing this remains more art than science. Accommodating to this situation – being able to act faster and smarter relying on fewer human assets – requires properly configured, easy and immediate access to whatever information is needed to address a business need.

This challenge has increased interest in new technology that optimizes information. Newer technology can collect data in any format, assemble and integrate it as needed and enable individuals to access and work with it as information in the desired forms. These technologies can also access and present it dynamically in ways simple and flexible enough for anyone to use it. Under the hood, though, careful planning is required to satisfy the broad range of information demands both inside and outside of the enterprise. Organizations must find, evaluate and put in place the technology and platforms that then will assemble and present the information.

Our Information Optimization benchmark research will identify, explore and quantify the ways in which organizations are currently optimizing and are planning to optimize information to make it available on demand from any source at any time. The research will assess the maturity of organizations in both their current or planned use of information optimization and their uses of the rich content, data, documents and reports that are key elements of enterprise use of information to benefit the business and its customers and partners.It also will explore in detail how companies can improve their efforts in this area, and thus where they are looking to expand their technology and business competencies.