Executive Summary

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Data Preparation:

Enabling Self-Service and Support Across Business and IT

Executive Summary

Data is essential to every aspect of business, and organizations that use it effectively are likely to gain advantages over competitors that do not. Information derived from this data is essential to address a variety of needs; the most common uses are to support analytics and decision-making, enable effective process improvements and optimize the customer experience.

Ventana Research defines data preparation as a sequence of steps: identifying, locating and then accessing the data; aggregating data from different sources; and enriching, transforming and cleaning it to create a single uniform data set. Using data to accomplish organizational goals requires that it be prepared for use and to do this job of data preparation properly, businesses need flexible tools that enable them to enrich the context of data drawn from multiple sources and collaborate on its preparation as well as ensure security and consistency. Tools that provide these capabilities are referred to as data preparation tools. Users of these tools range from analysts to operations professionals in the lines of business to IT professionals.


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