White Papers and Research Perspectives

About our Research: Ventana Research is the most authoritative and respected benchmark business technology research and advisory services firm. Our White Papers and Research Perspectives are designed to provide key insights and trends within various business operations, from Finance and Marketing to IT and HR. Our unparalleled understanding of the role of technology in optimizing business processes and performance and our best practices guidance are rooted in our rigorous research-based benchmarking of people, processes, information and technology across business and IT functions in every industry. This benchmark research plus our market coverage and in-depth knowledge of hundreds of technology providers means we can deliver education and expertise to our clients to increase the value they derive from technology investments while reducing time, cost and risk.

White Paper vs. Research Perspective:Although it may appear at first blush that a research perspective is just a shorter white paper, in fact the two are very different. Here’s how: 

A White Paper is an authoritative research-based in-depth exploration that is usually at least five to six pages in length covering a specific business- and/or technology-related issue, providing both context and insights on the topic. The white paper draws on our extensive market research and experience, contrasting approaches to provide education and identify best practices and approaches. 

A Research Perspective is an authoritative piece of written content to create awareness of an issue or opportunity. It is a discussion starter, designed to create an interest in further education and is typically three to four pages in length, a quick read, and is meant to begin to think about a topic in a new or different way.


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